October News 2023

Cross Controls Inc provides Zook SFA Series Rupture Disk, 3″, Nickel Construction, 165 psig @ 22 C Burst Rating, 85% Safe Operating Ratio, +/- 5% Burst Tolerance, +0/-10% Manufacturing Range c/w ASME UD Stamp, CRN, ASME Burst Test Certificate

Cross Controls Inc supplies Chemline GVA010ES 1″ Globe Valves, PVC Body, teflon seats, EPDM seals. machined socket ends

Cross Controls Inc supples Festo VUVG-L14-M52-MT-G18-IP3 Solenoid Valves

Cross Controls Inc provides Lincoln 279225 Vent Valve Cartridge

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Spare Screen Element for custom T-Strainer, Type 16GA thick 316 ss perforated plate with 1/4″ diameter holdes c/w PMI and Dye Pen on accessible welds

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Norgen A1038H-A1 Prospector Poppet Series, Two-Position, Two-Way Normally Closed Valve, Air Actuated, Spring Return

Cross Controls Inc. provides Bonney 1/2″ , 1″ and 2″ HL-11-SW-LE Gate Valves, 800#, A105 Body, Socket Weld End, Bolted Bonnet, Trim 8

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Titan CV46CSSSS6X0030 3″ CV46-CS Dual Disc Wafer Type Check Valves, Class 600, Carbon Steel Body, 316 ss dusc, Metal seat