September News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for  2″ Burkert Type 6281 Solenoid Valve, 2/2 way servo assisted, normally closed, Brass construction, NBR seal, threaded end connection, 24V, 8 watt, CLass H coil

Cross Controls Inc. provides  2″ Powell Class 1500 WC9 Gate Valves, Trim 5, Full Port, Pressure Seal design, Buttweld-Schedule 160 End Connections, c/w Handwheels

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for VB-SR/SS/YS-225 Fulflo Relief Valve, 1 1/4″ Brass construction, threaded end connections, ss piston, Buna-N Oring, YS spring 150-350 psig range, set for 225 psig

Cross Controls Inc. provides BF75CIRSEL0400 Titan 4″ Resilient seated butterfly valves, Ductile Iron Wafer Body, 316 ss disc, 410 ss stem, EPDM seat, PTFE Bushing c/w lever hanldes and CV41D1SS2S0040 4″ Titan Dual Plated Check Valves, Ductile Iron Body, EPDM seat, Stainless steel disc




August News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for four (4) Fike GD Graphite Rupture Discs. 6″ with Flange/Holder rating of 150 ANSI, 30 psig Burst Pressure, 72 F Temperature, Zero Manufacturing range amd Burst Certification

Cross Controls Inc. provides two (2) 4H15SPF2-131E Duo-Chek High Performance Dual Plated Wafer Check Valves, 4″ 150# WCB A216 Lugged Bodies, Retainerless Thru-Bolt, Trim 8, 410 ss plates, Pins complete with stellite overlay seats, Inconel X-750 springs

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for one (1) 6″SWI Class 150 and one (1) 2″ SWI CLASS 300 Metal Seated Full Floating Ball Valves, WCB Bodies, 316 ss x M16C Balls, 316 ss + HFS Seat Rings, AM-19 Stems

Cross Controls Inc. provides one (1) 16″ Walworth Fig. 8122 Class 150 Trunnion Ball Valve, RF End Connections, A105N Body with through conduit Full Bore, Trim T3 (316 ss), Nace, Double Blcok & Bleed, Bi-Directional Flow, Blow Out proof system, Firesafe Packing, API 6D design c/w gear operator

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for one (1) 8G15CVF559 Duo-chek High Performance Dual Plates Wafer Check Valve. 8″ Class 150 316 RF 316 Viton seat, Inconel X Spring

Cross Controls Inc. provides two (2) MAS WD4SE 2″ MA Stewart Ductile Iron 316 ss EPDM seated Butterfly valves c/w Promation P1-120N4 Electric actuators

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Griffco PRG050P 1/2″ G-Series Bi-Pass Valve – PVC

Cross Controls Inc. provides Rochling Glastic Channels, Angles and Terminals

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Qualitrol PV Gage 10-0-10 psi, 5 direct MT Thermo 3 SW, 3.5 Level Gage 2SW and PRD 10 PSI HI Temp Sleeve

July News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Century CM23M64TDT 3/4″ x 1/2″ 6000# Needle Valves, ASTM A108 Carbon Steel Bonnet Assembly, ADJ Teflon Packing, Metal seat

Cross Controls Inc. provides Spirax Sarco 3/4″ SCA 30 NPT CS (435 psig) INverted Bucket Steam Trap

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 8″ and 12″ Fike GD Graphite Disc, 150 Ansi Flange/Holder rating, 20C Temperature, Zero manufacturing range, Carbon steel armour, compressed fibre gasket, attached inlet and outlet, burst certification, ASME VIII, Div. 1, latest ed.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Quincy replacement parts for Model 370LS Dual Control compressor




June News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 1″  OMB 860 Swing check valves, 800#, SW, Bolted Cover, Trim 12, 316 ss Body

Cross Controls Imc. provides Tate & Jones Safety Eye SA# 1-15CI-P Subassembly for #15 SAf-T-Eye Cast Iron w/Pyrex Lens

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Asco EF8210G004-120VDC Solenoid Valves, 2 way-2/2 normally closed Brass Material, 120 VDC voltage


May News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Beck 11-309 Rotary Actuator complete with Replacement Pedestal Kit, Bailer UP30/40 and Linkage Kit

Cross Controls Inc. provides Century Cm23M64TDT Needle Valves 3/4″ MNPT x 1/2″ FNPT,  A108CS Body and Trim, 6000#, ADJ Teflon packing, Metal seat c/w MTR

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC B600FSBW1 Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainer, 4″ ANSI 600lb, RF Flanged per ASME B16.5, Body/Shell 8.63″ Diameter, Carbon Steel (ASME SA106B/ASME SA105/ASME SA234-WPB) Body and Cover Construction, Type 304 ss perforated plate with 1/4″ diameter holes on 3/8″ centers basket, PMI of basket, bolted flange with lifting lug cover, 304 ss spiral wound gasket, 1″ 800# Bonney Forge Drain Gate Valve, 3/4″ 800# Bonney Forge Vent Gate Valve complete with 1/2″ NPY plugged differential pressure taps complete with four (4) support legs with anchor plates, Magnetic particle testing of all internal and external welds, Radiography on buttwelds

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 16″ Titan Cv-42 Dual Disc Wafer Check Valve, Class 150, Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB, Metal seat, Stainless disc c/w MTR and C of C

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Knappco 5627-HC1111 20″ x 4.0 oz Pressure x 0.5 oz Vacuum Relief Tank Hatch Black Neoprene Gasket

Cross Controls Inc. supplies CCS Pressure Switch, Adjustable Set Point Range: Increasing: 6 t0  75 psig increasing, 2 to 75 psig decreasing, 4 psi deadband, 500 psig maximum system pressure 750 psig proof pressure, 1/4″ fnpt pressure port aluminum, polymide diaphragm, buna-n o-ring, SPDT relay, UL, CSA approved, CE mark, CRN

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Walworth 10″ 900# Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Gasket

April News

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 12″ Amri #10-L-3G6K6VA Isoria Butterfly Valve, 150 psig rated, Full Lug type Ductile Iron body with raised face, 420 ss shaft, 316 ss disc complete with Acid Viton liner

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Jamesbury VPVL350 Pneumatic Actuator repair kits

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC Y600FLCBW Fabricated Inline “Y” Strainer, 4″ ANSI 600 lb RFWN Flanged per ASME B16.5, Low Temperature Carbon Steel (ASTM SA240-WPL6/ASTM SA350-LF2) Body and Cover Construction, Type 304 ss with 1/8″ Perforated openings + 40 mesh screen, Bolted flange with lifting lug, 304 ss spiral wound gasket with graphite filler gasket c/w 100% visual/100% RT of Butt-welds, MT on Fillet-welds

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Westlock 9479SBY2B2M0600 Accutrak Explosion Proof Rotary Position Monitors, Double D with 1/4″ flats shaft output, BM2-Y Beacon, two 3/4″ NPT” (F) conduits, two SPDT Magnum Switches – 8pt terminal strip

March News

Cross Controls Inc supplies Titan 3″ and 4″ CV41-DI Dual Plated Check Valves, Class 150, Ductile Iron Body, Buna-N Seat, Bronze Disc

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 3″ Aluminum Knappco Swing Check Valves, Silicone Poppet without spring, white neoprene gasket

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 6″ Mueller 150# Wedge Valves UL/FM A-2362 Series complete with 96″ length extension including pedestal and underground piping

February News

Cross Controls Inc. processes new order for IFC TC300WFNSS4W2-300 6″ Cone Strainer 300 Lb RF Flanged per ASME B16.5. 11 gage thick 304 ss smooth finish flange ring. 16 gage thick 304 ss with 1/8″ diameter holes on 3/16″ centers perforated plate. Inner mesh liner 304 ss 100 mesh. Outside in flow direction. 300% (26″ OAL) open area c/w MTR and PMI. All welds externally and internally particle tested

Cross Controls Inc provides Century CM23M64TDT Needle valves. 3/4″ MNPT x 1/2″ FNPT, A108CS Body & Trim, 6000#, ADJ Teflon packing, metal seat c/w MTR

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Burkert #461915 3/2 Way Solenoid Valve, direct acting, Type 6012 normally open, output B under pressure, FKM seat, Brass Construction





January News

Cross Controls Inc. provided Kitz 46, 1 1/4″ Gate Valves Class 150, Bronze, FIP SB NRS

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Mac-Weld OFC-L2-.75-C-300-A Orifice Palte 316/316L Concentric Bevelled Bore 3/4″ 300# Bore = 0.103″ Thickness = 0.125″

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1/4″ Krohne Model DK34 Metal Tube Rotameters with 316L ss Bodies, 316L ss fittings and 316ss float. complete with CRN, MTR, Hydrotest and PMI

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Titan 4″ YS61-SS Wye Strainer replacement screen and gaskets

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Ladish 5272-3151-AT01-A20C Swing Check Valve, Class 150, Full Port, A351 CN7M, Standard Trim, A351 CN7M seat, Teflon Gasket

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for OPW Visi-flo 1472-0075 SST NPT Neoprene Delrin Flap Flow Indicator

Cross Controls Inc. provides Knappco 5627-HH02051 24″ x 2.0 oz pressure x 0.5 oz Vaccum Tank Hatch

Cross Controls Inc. process order for 8″  Velan F15-0114C-02TY Swing Check Valve, Class 150, WCB, RF, HFS, BB Trim 8

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3″ Walworth 5262 UT 1500 Class Cast Steel Gate Valve, WCB Body, Trim 8, Flexible Wedge, OS&Y, Bolted Bonnet, Graphite Packing c/w Handwheel

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 4″ Titan DS696-CS Carbon Steel 150# Flanged End, Three Piece Duplex Strainer, 1/16″ Perforated Ss T304 screens c/w Nace Certification




December News

Cross Controls Inc. provides Titan 2″ DS695-CI Cast Iron 125# Flanged End Three Piece Duplex Strainer, 1/16 Perforation 304 ss screen

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 19MEDK150A 3/4″ x 1″ Apollo Safety Relief Valve, Brass Trim/Metal Seat Gas Service/Fluid, UV Section VIII, 626 SCFM, 15- psig, complete with CRN and Certificate of Conformance

Cross Controls Inc. provides Tescom Regulator 3500 x 0-250 psi, 316 ss, 1/4″ NPT, Cv = 0.06

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC Y150FSS6LBW Fabricated “Y” Strainer 316 ss Construction c/w 40 mesh liner, PMI of all High Alloy parts, All Internal/External welds magnetically particle tested.

Cross Control Inc. provides Fisher 627 Regulator, 1″ 150 RF, WCC Steel, Aluminum Spring Case, 3/8″ Orifice SST Viton Disk, 15-40 psig Spring range. 285 psig maximum inlet pressure