May News

Cross Controls Inc. supplies KItz 19 1″ Class 300 Bronze Socket Weld End Check valves

Cross Controls Inc. supplies George Fischer 1″ PVC/EPDM Type 233 Pneumatic Actuaotr with Type 546 Ball Valve

Cross Controls Inc. supplies Glastic CHAN1144 Channel UTR .250″ 2.0″ x 1.0″ 10′ Red

Cross Controls Inc. supplies SAF Industrila Viewport #45 View Port Q-45 Quartz Lens, 45=GRF-Frame gasket & HT Gasket Sealant

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Sureseal SUG1L-SSSR-3 3″ High Performance Class 150 SS Butterfly valve, RTFE seat, bare stem

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Madison Model# M5602-Z-Q-17038 Dual Level Float Switch

Cross Controls Inc. provides Zook SB Series Rupture Disk, 10″ and 4″, Inconel 600 Construction, 40 psi @ 72F & 175 psig @ 100F

Cross Controls Inc. provides Chemline 27A005S 1/2″ Compact Ball Valves, PVC Body, teflon seats, EDPM o-rings, socket ends and GVA010ES 1″ Globe valves, PVC Body, teflon seats, EPDM seals, machined socket ends

Cross Controls Inc. provides IFC TC150WFNSS4LW1-200 temporary cone strainer, 10″ ANSI 150lb, RF Flange, 16 gauge 304 ss flange ring