January News 2024

Cross Controls Inc provides Bonney Forge HL-11-Sw-LE 3/4, Gate 3/4″ 800# A105 Bodym Socket Weld Ends, Trim 8

Cross Controls Inc provides Amri Isoria Chain Wheel kit for 6″ 3G6K6XC/PN16 Butterfly Valve

Cross Controls Inc provides Zook PB Series Rupture Disc, 316 ss disc, Max 400 psi@72F, c/w BA-L Burst Sensor, 300 Ansi rating, 316/teflon construction c/w 9″ red and whie wire with a plug

Cross Controls Inc provides IFC Spare Basket Element for 8″ x 12″ B150FSBDW1, Type 304 ss perforated plate with 1/8″ holes

Cross Controls Inc provides GF (George Fischer) 3/4″ Type 546 PVC/Viton Ball Valves

Cross Controls Inc processes order for YS64SS0020 2″ Titan Wye Strainer, Class 600, Stainless Steel A351 Gr. CF8M Body, Flanged Ends c/w 80 mesh screen (304 ss)

Cross Controls Inc provides Glastic GC1144 2″ w x 1″ x .25″ 10′ Channel

Cross Controls Inc proceses order for Sure Seal 899822650-8″ Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve, Lugged Body, Duplex ss disc and stem, TFE/EPDM set c/w bare stem

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Caloritech CXC10640-07 Imersion Heater 120 V 1 phase 1000W

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Walworth HR105BE|H7BRNR 1 1/2″ Class 150 Fig W512S 83600 Bronze Gr 83600 Cast Bronze Check Valve