November News

Cross Controls Inc. provides Fike PSD-SD Forward Acting, Score Ruptures Discs, Dn 25 (NPS 1), 316L SST. 9930 Kpag @ 80 C Burst Pressure, Zero manufacturing range, Class 900, Bolted Type Holder c/w Burst Test & Material Certifications

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1500JS0GU075 3/4″ Smith Gate Valves, Bolted Bonnet, 1500#, Conventional Port, API-602, A182 F316 Body Material, Trim 12, Socket Weld x Thread Ends

Cross Controls Inc. provides Caloritech CXFT206P12X11 Screwplug Heater, 120 V, 1 phase, 600W

Cross Controls Inc. provides 03CV044312 Center Line Butterfly Valves, 3″ 200 psi, Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated Lugged Body, Buna-N seat, 316 ss Disc and Stem, PTFE Bushing

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for FVS-8R/HS/WS Ful-Flo Pressure Relief Valves, 2″ Cast Steel NPT, HS Piston, Buna O-Ring, WS Spring, 30-100 psi range set @ 240 kpa (35 psi)

Cross Controls Inc. provides EA2-TX+(-100/+20C) + HD Easidew 2-wire Dew-Point Transmitter (4-20mA Output, 5/8″ UNF threaded process connection) (-100 to +20 C) dp range, Standard HDPE guard (for protection against fine particulates)

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for 5272-3151-AT01-A20C Ladish Swing Check Valve, Class 150, Full Port, A351 CN7M Alloy 20 Body Material, A351 Cn7M Alloy 20 trim, Teflon gasket

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 1572RSW-0053 1/2″ Visi-flo flowmeters, socket weld ends, SST, Ryton Flap, Teflon

Cross Controsl Inc. processed order for 12″ Amri Isoria 10 L-3g6k6VA, Butterfly Valve, Cast Iron Body, Stainless Steel Disc and shaft, Viton seat

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 1250-RP-14-M-72-R-MF-1-Wp SOR Temperature Sensor, RTD Type 1250 with leads, 100 ohm Platinum, 1/4″, Single mineral insulated up to 900 F, 72″ sheath, 316 ss, 24″ lead length

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Ametek PCB Assy Power Distribution 120 VAc

Cross Controls Inc. provides YS58CI0040 4″ YS58-CI Titan Wye Strainer, Class 125, Cast Iron A126 Gr. B Body Material, Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover c/w 1/16″ perforated 304 ss screen

Cross Controls Inc. provides Honeywell VC6934ZZ11/U Floating Actuator, 24 VAc, VC