December News

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Fike RD320 Rupture Discs, 300 ANSI, Bolted Type, 1640 kpag, 192C, Zero range, 316 sst top ring and seal c/w XL holder Model TQ in 3 days

Cross Controls Inc. provides 5″ Titan CV42CSSS6X Dual Plated Check valve, Class 250, Carbon Steel ASTM A215 WCB, Metal seated, stainless steel stop and hinge pins

Cross Controls Inc. provides Alfa Laval 58-25-1 position top

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Model 67B1C4A Gem – Warrick Series 67 Multi-Function Control Conductivity Level Controller

Cross Controls Inc. provides Century CM25H1M88TGNT Needle Valve, 1″ MNPT x 1″ FNPT, 316 ss body & trim, 6000#, teflon packing

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1″ HN705TLD and 1 1/2″ HN707TLD Bonney Forge 800# F316L Threaded End, 3 pc, Full Port, RPTFE seat Ball valves

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1″ IFC Y300TSST Wye Strainers, 300 ANSI, NPT end connections, Cast 316 A351-CF8M Body, 1/32″ perforated screen, 304 ss, teflon gasket, 1/2″ NPT plugged drain

Cross Controls Inc. provides Spirax Sarco TD52 NPT Cool Blue Thermo Dynamic Steam Traps, 600 psig, NPT End connections, Stainless Steel

Cross Conrtols Inc. provides Spirax Sarco DCV41 Austentic Stainless Steel disc check valves

Cross Controls Inc. provides Spirax Sarco VB21 Vacuum Breeakers, NPT End Connection, Stainless Steel construction

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for two (2) Caloritech GX202C Forced Air Heavy Duty Heaters 20kw 208V c/w contactor



November News

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 16″ Titan CV-42 Dual Wafer Check Valves, Class 150, Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB, Metal Seat, Stainless Discs

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 1″ Ladish 5272-3151-AT01-A10C Swing Check Valve ,Class 150, Full Port, A351 CN7M Alloy 20, Standard Trim A351 CN7M Alloy 20, Teflon Gasket

Cross Controls Inc. supplies Sprirax Sarco 3/4″ Fa-150 CI NPT Liquid Drain Traps