April News

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 12″ Amri #10-L-3G6K6VA Isoria Butterfly Valve, 150 psig rated, Full Lug type Ductile Iron body with raised face, 420 ss shaft, 316 ss disc complete with Acid Viton liner

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Jamesbury VPVL350 Pneumatic Actuator repair kits

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC Y600FLCBW Fabricated Inline “Y” Strainer, 4″ ANSI 600 lb RFWN Flanged per ASME B16.5, Low Temperature Carbon Steel (ASTM SA240-WPL6/ASTM SA350-LF2) Body and Cover Construction, Type 304 ss with 1/8″ Perforated openings + 40 mesh screen, Bolted flange with lifting lug, 304 ss spiral wound gasket with graphite filler gasket c/w 100% visual/100% RT of Butt-welds, MT on Fillet-welds

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Westlock 9479SBY2B2M0600 Accutrak Explosion Proof Rotary Position Monitors, Double D with 1/4″ flats shaft output, BM2-Y Beacon, two 3/4″ NPT” (F) conduits, two SPDT Magnum Switches – 8pt terminal strip

March News

Cross Controls Inc supplies Titan 3″ and 4″ CV41-DI Dual Plated Check Valves, Class 150, Ductile Iron Body, Buna-N Seat, Bronze Disc

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 3″ Aluminum Knappco Swing Check Valves, Silicone Poppet without spring, white neoprene gasket

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 6″ Mueller 150# Wedge Valves UL/FM A-2362 Series complete with 96″ length extension including pedestal and underground piping