September News

Supplied spare parts for IFC Model # B150FSBW1 Fabricated Basket Strainer

Processed order for Moygro 3″ Wafer Cast Iron Class 125 Check Valves, Viton seat, 316 ss internals

Processed order for Model GMT224G Roxspur Metal Tube Rotameter with 316 ss tube, 316 ss float and damping device c/w direct reading scale with range 25 – 250 kg/hr of fuel gas (SG = 0.56) @ 345 kPag @ 27 C. Accuracy is 2% of full scale.

Processed order for 2″ Nil-Cor Model # 2-610XP-ST-T-H-A Ball Valve, Flanged Ends, Novolac Epxoy/Glass, Virgin PTFE seats, PTFE Coated Viton seals, Hastelloy C276 Bolts, Bare Stem c/w Hytork XL0186U-S50-SCC-Y00 Spring Return actuator c/w Masoneilan Model # SVI2AP-21123111 Smart Positioner


August News

Processed spare parts order for Walworth 6″ Class 900 Fig 5247 Pressure Seal Gate Valve, Seat Rings, Spacer Rings, Pressure Seal Gasket and Stem Packing

Supplied Robar 5606-2.5×12, 2.5″ x 12″ Length Robar Clap Series 5606 for 2″ Schedule 80 HDPE pipe

Processed order for Sureseal 892822650-150 Butterfly Valves, Ductile Iron Lugged Style Body, Duplex ss Disc, TFE/EDPM seat

Supplied Blacoh 5 Gallon Sentry, Aluminum/PTFE Pulsation Dampener, 1155 Cu In, 150 psig, 3 Inch inlet and outlet

July News

Supplied specialty machined Weld Neck Flanges 2 – 1/16 2M x 2″ Sch 160, Material A350/LF2 LU DD-NL PSL Nace with expedited delivery of 2 days

Processed order for 10 (ten) Automated Ball Valve assemblies complete with Model # F08-01402-SSEI-W 2″ Class 150 Raised Face Velan Split Body Ball Valves, Full Port, WCB Body, 316 ss Ball & Stem, M-PTFE (TFM-1600) seat, Graphite Packing, Fire Tested API 607 Rev 5 Nace MR 0103, Lever Handle complete with Bettis EM500F-10-C7-02-732 Bettis Model EM-500 Electric Actuator with 700 in-lbs of output torque.