September 2022

Cross Controls Inc. provides Norgren B73-4AK-QD1-RMN Filter Regulator. 1/2″ PTF, Metal Bowl, Man-Drain, 5=150 psi, 5 um

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Walworth 5262PSWE-HF-GO 8″ Class 1500 Schedule 120 WCB Pressure Seal Gate with Double Bypass (2 – 3/4″ Class 1500 Globe Valve) c/w MPI, MTR and Hydrotest

Cross Controls Inc. provides Glastic GP03, Sheets, UTR, .250 48″ x 96″ Red and .125 48″ x 96″ Red

Cross Controls Inc. provides Chemline 58B040BVL 4″ Type 58 Butterfly Valves PP Body/PP disc Viton O-Rings, complete with 58040-PAS20 PA-Series Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators with Epoxy and Rilsan coated die cast aluminum body and end caps, stainless steel shaft

Cross Controls Inc. process order for BiFold VBP-08-11-AL-MD-X3-L115-L116 Booster, Volume with Filter 1/2″ NPT port 20 BAR MWP 20-30 micron element,  Fluorosilicone seal, 60-18-C. manual drain

Cross Controls Inc. provides Zook PB Series Rupture Disk, 2″ 316 ss disk 1179.29 psig @ 170 F burst rating c/w Type 7A Rupture disk holders

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3″ IFC Dual Door Wafer Check Valves, Class 300, 316 ss Body, disc and seat

Cross Controls Inc. provides CM251M44TCNT Century Needle Valve 1/2″ MNPT x 1/2″ FNPT, 316 ss Body & Trim, 10000#, Teflon packing

Cross Controls INc. provides Chemline SGK005-005P SG-Series Gauge Isolator, PVDF bottom and orange PPG top, Teflon diapgragm

Cross Controls Inc. provides Apollo 6210301 1/2″ Series 62 Ball/Cone Chech Valve, FNPT x FNPT Ends, ASTM A351 CF8M Body, 316 ss Retainer, Guide & Spring, RPTFE Ball Check