Octobers News

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Moore TRY/PRG/4-20mA/10-30DC/-ISC (LH2NSP) Isolated PC Programmable Transmitter, Programmable with supplied configuration software, user selectable with supplied software, CSA approved IS and NI (HPP), Aluminum Explosion-proof/Flame Proof connection head wiht two entry ports; 1/2″ NPT cable and process-black metal cover. Enclosure comes equipped with base plate and u-bolts for mounting on a 2″ pipe c/w non-isolated fuse protected USB communication cable

Cross Controls Inc. provides Tate -Jones #15 Saf-T-Eye Observation Ports, Pressure Tite – Cast Iron with Quartz Lens

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Spirax Sarco FT450-32 Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps, Cast Steel Body, PMO 465 psig

Cross Controls Inc. provides Nelson Heat Trace TA7140 Thermostat. The TA7140 is used for ambient temperature control in hazardous locations. This thermostat is housed in a aluminum enclosure. The swtich has 22 Amp/480 Volt single pole double throw (SPDT) leads.

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for  6″ Walworth 900# Fig. 5247 Pressure Seal Seal Gate Valve parts

Cross Controls Inc. provides Siemens TH357D LimitEM Remote Bulb Thermostat. The TH357 is a gradual-direct acting thermostat for air temperature control. This pneumatically operated instrument senses a temperature and passes on a pneumatic signal whose pressure is proportional to the temperature sensed. The sensing element is liquid filled, and is available in remote and averaging bulb styles.

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Johnson Controls T-5210 Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter. The T-5210 is designed to measure a temperature and convert this measurement to an air pressure signal that is transmitted to a pneumatic receiver, controller or receiver-indicator.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Model # 7ML1105-1AA110oA Siemens Echomax XRS-5 Transducer 1 in NPT, 5M Cable. The Echomax XRS-5 ultrasonic transducer provides reliable, continuous level monitoring of liquids and slurries in narrow lift stations/wet wells, flumes, weirs and filter beds using a beam angle of just 10 degrees and a CSM rubber face.

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 2″ Mueller 781CS Wye Strainer, Class 150, Carbon Steel Body, ASTM A216 Gr. WCB, Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover, Epoxy Painted, Plugged Blow-Off c/w 3/16″ Perforated Screen (304 ss)

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Keystone Figure 362 Clas 150 KLOK High Performance Buttefly Valves c/w EPI2 Electric actuators.

Cross Controls Inc processes order for 6″ YS61CS Titan Wye Strainer. Class 150, Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB Body, Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover, Epoxy painted, Plugged Bow Off c/w 1/8″ 304 ss Screen

Cross Controls Inc. provides 8″ Sureseal Butterfly Valve, Ductile Iron Lugged Body, Duplex ss Disc, TFE/EPDM seat