December News

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Xomox 0367XT-2-6-P20-AX Sleeved Lined Plug Valves, Flanged Ends, 2 Way, Class 300, A216 WCB Body, A351 CF8M Plug, Xenith Sleeve c/w Matryx ESA600-4 peumatic operator c/w Asco solenoid and Fisher regulator.

Cross Controls Inc. process order for replacement gate that is part of a Meyer Air-Operated Dust Tight Slide Gate. Designed to use in free-flowing solids, granules or powder form, they can be installed to control flow from outlets of hoppers, silos, mixers, screw conveyors, truck train or ship load-out systems, etc.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Legris 4203 50 44 20  – 2″ Double Female Pilot Axial Valve, Sand-Blasted Nickel-Plated Brass, Normally closed, FKM seal, 150 psig rated, 1/8″ pilot port

Cross Controls Inc. processes spare parts order for 4″ Dezurik ACS 1700 Dual Body Combination Valve with Surge Check Valve.

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ SOR 1540 Side mounted, float operated level switch. 316 ss construction, side integral process connection, 316LSS float wiht integral 3″ extension

Cross Controls Inc. processes spare parts order for 4″ Century Instrumentation Actuated Diaphragm valve.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Burkert 467802 Servo-assisted 2/2 way piston valve complete with Coil 098

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for T-5210-2008 Johnson Controls temperature transmitter -15/35C, 17 foot capillary (averaging) sensor




November News

Cross Controls Inc. provides Honeywell 1813C Gas Regulators 3/4″ x 1″. 1/8″ OIR. 20# – 7″ W.C. (1) 250 CFH 3/4″ Vent

Cross Controls Inc. provides Control Air Type 400-BCK General Service Regulators. 1/4″ Port Sizr. 0-120 psi output range c/w Knob

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 2″ IFC Y250TIT Cast Iron Threaded Y-Strainers

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Dwyer 477AV-6 Digital Manometer (0-30 psi). The 477AV uses a highly accurate pressure sensor to offer +/- 5% full scale accuracy. it displays negative, positive and differential pressure

Cross Controls Inc. provides Trend Model TI.50 Bimetal Thermometer, Stainless Steel Case & Wetted Parts. 5″ Dial, Centre Back Mount, 2.5″ Stem, 0 – 200 C range, 1/2″ NPT connection c/w stepped thermowell 1.375″ U

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Titan BFCIRSEL040 4″ Resilient Seated Butterfly valves and CV41DISS2S0400 4″ Dual Disc Wafer Check Valves