September News

Cross Controls Inc. provides Rochling Glastic GS2884 2.00″ x 2.00″ x 120.00″ long Equal Leg Angles

Cross Controls Inc. provides Zook ARD-S Rupture Disk, 2″, 316ss/teflon/316 disc material, Synthetic fiber gasket with nitrile binder gasket, 6 psig @ 265F, Zero manufacturing range, 50% safe operating tolerance, .5 psig burst tolerance, Same day service delivery

Cross Controls Inc. provides CPW 16-13Do4C 106-160psi/1100kpa 1/4″ CBC Dry Hydropak Gauge

Cross Controls Inc. provides Aquatrol 743DE1S2J1-50 Safety Valves, 3/4″ MNPT x 3/4″ FNPT Series 743-DE ASME Section VIII certified with (D) Orifice, Stainless Steel Body, Bonnet & Internals, Silicone seat, Closed Cap for Liquid Service, Set 50 psi -28 GPM

Cross Controls Inc. provides Titan CV42CSSS3X0040 4″ Class 150 Dual Plated Wafer Check Valve, Carbon Steel Body, 316 ss disc, Viton Seat

Cross Controls Inc. provides Saf-View (formerly Tate-Jones) Q-45 Quartz LensĀ  View & 3PC-45-TN9000 Gaskets for #45 View Port

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for custom IFC Spare Internal Basket Element, 316 ss 14 gauge thick perforated plate with 3/16″ diameter holes on 1/4″ centers

Cross Controls Inc. provides Chemline 27A005T 1/2″ Compact Ball Valves, PVC Body, teflon seats, EPDM seals, machined socket ends and GVA010ES 1″ Globe Valves, PVC Body, teflon seats, EPDM seals, machined socket ends

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for BlueSky #32709 Model # FBA020BC-001 FlexBall BW 2IN600 S80 CS-001-00 Joints, 2″ Sch80/XS-80S Buttweld ends, 600# ANSI, SA105N/SA350 LF2 CL1 Material