October News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Titan BF75 Resilient Seated Butterfly valves and CV41 Dual plated Check Valves.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Titan YS62CS0200 2″ Wye Strainers, Class 300, Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB Body Material, Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover, Epoxy Painted, Plugged Blow-Off c/w 1/16″ Perforated Screen (304 ss)

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 6″ IFC B150FSBW1 Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainer. Class 150, Carbon Steel, complete with 1″ Class 800 Velan Gate Valve for vent and drain that conforms to Imperial Oil V-6130.

Cross Controls Inc. provides Fulflo VB-Series Hydraulic Bypass Relief Valves. 1/2″ Brass NPT, SS Piston, Buna-N O-Ring, YS Spring, 150-350 range

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for DM04T-1S Fisher Manufacturing Tray Condensate Evaporator

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 2-8″ IFC Y150FSSB6LBW Fabricated Inline “Y” Strainers and 1-6″ IFC Y150FSSB Inline “Y” Strainer, 316 Stainless Steel Class 150 complete with 1″ Velan S05-2054E-14NB Class 800 Conventional Port Cryogenic Gate Valves

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1/2″ EFI 300 Ernst Flow Mechanical Flow Meter. Bronze, threaded, Rotating PTFE wheel