November News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Wika Model 611.10 Gauges, 2.5″ Dial, 0/30″ WC, 1/4″ mnpt center backed mount, brass wetted parts, dry

Cross Controls Inc. provides Moyno Pumps progressive cavity parts for AF0085

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC 11.90DSS4BASK Custom Strainer Basket complete with MTR and PMI report

Cross Controls Inc. provides Thermon CXFT215P2X71 Screwplug Heater 480V 1 phase 1500W

Cross Controls Inc. process order for 29B9002X152 V500 Fisher Plug assembly

Cross Controls Inc. provides spare Pressure Seal Gasket and Grafoil stem packing for 3″ Walworth Class 900 Pressure Seal Globe Valve

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for HBE DLPM-16-15 Automatic Recirculation Valve, 4″ x 4″ x 3″ Flange Size

Cross Controls Inc process order for One (1)  IFC TC300WFNSS4W2-300 6″ Cone Strainer and Two (2) IFC Y150FSB 6″ Inline “Y” Strainers.