January News

Cross Controls Inc. provides Caloritech B11085-04 3-phase Tenv Motors, 600V, 1/3 hp, 48Z-frame and Caloritech B11035-03 Thermal cutouts

Cross Controls Inc. provides Burkert 92703634 Type 6014 Solenoid cores

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3″ Moygro W12A-I6V Wafer Class 125 Check valve, 316 ss disc, Viton seat

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3/4″ OMB 860-NPT A105N-8 Class 800 Swing Check Valves

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Fike SRX-200-316L Reverse Acting Cross Scored Rupture Discs, DN 200 (NPS 8), 316/316L SST (1.4401/1.4404) 1900 kapg@ 215.4 C Burst Pressure, Standard Burst Tolerence, Zero manufacturing range, Class 300 Bolted Type Holder

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 3/4″ Walworth 1958SSW Gate Valves HF A105N Socket Weld x Threaded End, Trim 5, Full Port, Welded Bonnet

Cross Controls Inc. provides Aquatrol 69C1A1M2U1 Cold Liquid Relief Valve, 1″ MNPT x 1″ FNPT, Brass/Bronze Series 69, Metal Seating

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC T150BWSBW1 Fabricated Inline Tee-Strainer, 3″ ANSI 150 lb, Butt-weld ends, Carbon Steel Body & Cover, 316/316L SS perforated palte with 1/8″ diameter holes on 3/16″ centers & 8×8 mesh liner, 316/316L spiral wound gasket c/w 3/4″ Bonney Gate Drain valve

Cross Controls Inc. provides Zook PB Series Discs, 1/4″ 316 ss disc material, PEI (MDR) 2500 psig @ 75F burst rating

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 1/2″ FNW 16B-200-D Stainless Steel 200# threaded check valves

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for IFC T300FSS7LBDW1 Fabricated Inline Tee Type Strainer, 16″ ANSI 300 lb flanged sch 40 end connections, 317/317L Stainless Steel Body, Cover and Screen

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 10″ Walworth Class 900 5247PSWE HF WCB Trim 5 Weld End Pressure Seal Gate Valve

Cross Controls Inc. provides 8″ Kitz 300SCLS5CY-CE Class 300 SCPH61/A217 Gr. C5 Cast Alloy Steel Body Gate Valves, Trim 5

Cross Controls Inc. provides Chemline 1″ SM2A010ES Metering Ball Valves, PVC Body, EDPM seal, socket ends