December News

Cross Controls Inc. provides custom 20″ Fike SCRD-V Class 150 Rupture Disc w/ring. 316 ss/316ss/316ss 1500 kpag @ 38C. c/w CRN, MTR and Burst Certificates. Also provides with Fike Type BC2 Burst Check Indicator, Non-Asbestos gasket material

Cross Controls Inc. provides Caloritech B11035-03 Thermal Cutout (high level switch) for Caloritech GE108CT Forced Aie Heater 600V 1/3 phase 10 kw

Cross Controls Inc. provides Aquatrol 89C2A1M2K1-172 Safety Relief Valve, 1″ MNPT x 1 1/4″ FNPT, Brass/Bronze Series 89, Section VIII Air/Gas Service, Metal Seat, Closed Cap

Cross Controls Inc. provides Zook MONO Series Graphite Rupture Disc, 2″, 14.9 psig burst rating, Class 150

Cross Controls Inc. processes ordeer for Sureseal SUG1L-SSSR-3″ High Performance Butterfly Valve, Class 150, Lugged 316 ss Body Material, RTFE Seat and Lever handle

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 1′ x 3′ 8 1/2″ Overall Length CS Pipe Sch40/Polypropylene liner (Thermolock Resistoflex) complete with 1″ Ductile Iron Flanges 150# rotating each end c/w MTR for pipe

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Zook Z-Pos Series Rupture Disc, 2″, 316 ss Cap, Teflon Seal, 316 ss Girdle, 10.26 to 14 kpag @ 170 C Positive Burst rating, 0 kKag to 6.15 kPag Safe Operating Range, Non-opening vacuum support complete witj Zook Z-Pos Series Rupture Disk Holder, 2″ Class 150 Flange, 316 ss Inlet and Outlet material