June News

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2-6″ and 2-4″ Zook SB Series Rupture Disk, Inconel 600 construction, 180 psig@ 100F Burst pressure, +/- 5% manufacturing range, 90% safe operating range, +/- 5% burst tolerance, ASME UD stamp and CRN for gas service

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Flo-Tite Ball valve RK200300-FFF-050 rebuilt kits

Cross Controls Inc. provides Century CM23F44TDT Carbon Steel Needle valves, 6000 psig, 1/2″ FNPT inlet x 1/2″ FNPT outlet

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3″ Apco Silent Check Valves, Series 600A Body Style, ASME 125/150 end connections, Ductile Iron Body, 316 ss plug and seat material, NBR seating surface

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2-4″ and 1-6″ Walworth 5206F Cast Steel Gate valves, RF Ends, Trim 12, OS&Y, Bolted Bonnet, Graphite Stem packing, API 600 design, APi 598 tested

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Bailey & Mackey Type 1381V Pressure Switch, 3-60 psig range, adjustable reset differential, 1/2″ process connection, beryllium copper diaphragm, ptfe seal, 1/2″ npt adapter, switch housing ingress protected to IP65, SPDT microswitch rated 10A @ 250V, CE marked

Cross Controls Inc. provides Madison R2-120 Level Controller, 120 VAC, SPDT for pump level

Cross Controls Inc provides 10″ Sureseal Butterfly Valve SUG1R-RK repair kit

Cross Controls Inc. provides Velan F10-0064C-02TY 3 CE, 3″ Class 150 Gate Valves, WCB A216 Body, Raised Face Flanges, HFS Bolted Bonnet, Trim 8

Cross Controls Inc. provides Moygro W12A-I6V Wafer Check valves, 3″ Class 125, SS plates, viton seat

Cross Controls Inc provides Bonney HL-18L-T-LE 2 Nace, 2″ Class 800 Gate Valves, A182-F316K Threaded HFS B Trim 12 Nace/modified to Socket weld both ends c/w PMI

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Caloritech CXFT110P19X-001 Immersion Heater 208V 1 phase 1000W

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Norgren A1038H-A1 valve, Norgren MA012A silencer, Norgren SPUS/MN01CHA23B000 Valve, Norgren R17-B00-NNLA Regulator, Norgren MB006A Silencer

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Marsh Bellofram 961-054-000 Positive Bias Booster relay, 1:1 ratio, 1/4″ port size, 0-60 psig range/7-4000 kpa range

Cross Controls Inc. provides MAS L-D-4-S-V-G 12″ Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve, 316 ss disc, viton seat c/w gear operator