January News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Aircom BTL-16-LT-RTD Break to Length RTD, 16″ OAL. 6″ Solid. 10″ Adjustable sensor, 1/4″ OD, 4 wire, low temp (204 C)

Cross Controls Inc. provides Mueller Model 23 4″ and 6″ Conical Style Temporary Strainers. 304 ss 3 mesh, 300% open area, Rings are 11 gauge

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Chemline SB12 Series Back Pressure/Pressure Relief Valves (5-150 psi relief adjustment range), PVC Body/Viton seals/true union socket ends

Cross Controls Inc. provides Acris Butterfly Valve assemblies. Model 1W-31kf/SB7 Ductile Iron Body, 17-4 ss overmolded w/PFA, Teflon lined PFA backed by Silicone c/w Spring Return Model CA-SR140-10 Fail to Close actuator c/w Moniteur AMYB-5120 Mechanical Switch c/w Versa CGS04232-NB3-CML-PC-A120 Solenoid Valve

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 060- 0.50 John C Ernst Medium Pressure Double Window – Threaded sight flow indicator. 316 ss construction. 1/2″ NPT, 150# ANSI rated, single piece cast body.

Cross Controls Inc. provides CPW 802-3000PSI/21000 kpa 1/2″ BM Gauge

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Dwyer Series 3000MR Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gage. Combines differential pressure gage with low/high set-points, compact size