January News

Cross Controls Inc. provided Kitz 46, 1 1/4″ Gate Valves Class 150, Bronze, FIP SB NRS

Cross Controls Inc processes order for Mac-Weld OFC-L2-.75-C-300-A Orifice Palte 316/316L Concentric Bevelled Bore 3/4″ 300# Bore = 0.103″ Thickness = 0.125″

Cross Controls Inc. provides 1/4″ Krohne Model DK34 Metal Tube Rotameters with 316L ss Bodies, 316L ss fittings and 316ss float. complete with CRN, MTR, Hydrotest and PMI

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Titan 4″ YS61-SS Wye Strainer replacement screen and gaskets

Cross Controls Inc. provides 2″ Ladish 5272-3151-AT01-A20C Swing Check Valve, Class 150, Full Port, A351 CN7M, Standard Trim, A351 CN7M seat, Teflon Gasket

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for OPW Visi-flo 1472-0075 SST NPT Neoprene Delrin Flap Flow Indicator

Cross Controls Inc. provides Knappco 5627-HH02051 24″ x 2.0 oz pressure x 0.5 oz Vaccum Tank Hatch

Cross Controls Inc. process order for 8″  Velan F15-0114C-02TY Swing Check Valve, Class 150, WCB, RF, HFS, BB Trim 8

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3″ Walworth 5262 UT 1500 Class Cast Steel Gate Valve, WCB Body, Trim 8, Flexible Wedge, OS&Y, Bolted Bonnet, Graphite Packing c/w Handwheel

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for 4″ Titan DS696-CS Carbon Steel 150# Flanged End, Three Piece Duplex Strainer, 1/16″ Perforated Ss T304 screens c/w Nace Certification