April News

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for 2-6″ Beric 303-06-RF-EA08-X Class 300 WCB Body, Trim 8, Flanged Check Valves

Cross Controls Inc. provided Titan YS61SS0030 3″ Wye Strainer, Class 150, Stainless Steel A351 Gr. CF8M Body Construction, Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover, PLugged Blow-Off, 1/16″ Perforated 304 ss screen

Cross Controls Inc. provided Mueller  Reliefmaster Change-over A 17921 Manifold valve 1/2″ NPT

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Chemline 27A005S 1/2″ Compact ball valve, PVC body, teflon seats, EPDM o-rings, sockets ends and GVA010ES 1″ Globe Valve, PVC body, EDPM seats, machined socket ends

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Flo-tite 361-SS-1-RGG-L-15 1/2″ Pro Max Series Ball Valve, Model 361-SS, Reduced Port, 3PC, 2000 WOG, NPT ends, Fire Safe, SS Body, Ss Trim, RPTFE seats, Graphie seals, lever handle

Cross Controls Inc. provides 10″ Flo-tite MPF15 Ball Valve,  Multi Port 150 Flanged L-Port, SS Body & Trim, TFE seats amd stem seal

Cross Controls Inc. provides Moygro W12A-I6V 2.5″ Cast Iron Body, Class 125 Check valve with viton seat and 316 ss disc

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Zook RA4-BI-055 Series Rupture Discs c/w Stand Alone Hea Shields c/w Zook RAHI holders

Cross Controls Inc. provides 3PVCBFV Ipex 3″ FE Butterfly valve, PVC Bodies, EDPM seals, Flanged Wafer c/w Lever handle

Cross Controls Inc. processed order for Velan S03-2054B-02TY Gate Valves, 1/2″ Class 800, A105 Bodies, Threaded Ends, Trim 8