April News

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for CV42CSSS6X0160 16″ Titan CV-42 Dual Disc Wafer Check Valve, Class 150, Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB, Metal seat, Stainless Disc

Cross Controls Inc. supplies 1/2″ Griffco G Series B-pass valve – 316, Set for 100 psig c/w PMI,

Cross Controls Inc. provides Beck linkage kit for 1 1/2″ customer supplied pipe, 5/8-18 rod end

Cross Controls Inc. supplies a 3″ IFC Y150FSB Cast Inline Y-Strainer, ANSI 150lb RF Flanged per ASME B16.5 Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A216-WCB, 3/64″ Screen, 304 ss material, bolted blind flange, Teflon gasket, 1″ NPT plugged drain

Cross Controls Inc. supplies IFC Custom Spare Screen, Type 316 ss 8 x 8 mesh for 8″ Class 150 Sch 80 T-Type Strainer

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Fike RD320, 2″ Rupture disc, 300 ANSI Flange Rating, Bolted Type Connection, 1640 kpag BP, 192 C, Zero manufacturing range, 316 sst top ring and seal material

Cross Controls Inc. process order for 2″ Kitz Class 300 WCB-316N Flanged 2 piece Full port ball valve c/w lever handle, 1″ Kitz 300 WSP 600 WOG Metal Swing Check threaded Bronze and 1/2″ Century Needle valve, 1/2″ MNDP x 1/2″ FNPT, 316 ss body & trim, 10,000 psi, teflon packing

Cross Controls Inc. processes order for Ashcroft 50EI60R090 -50/50 XCS Thermostat, 5′ Dial, 1/2″ NPT Code 60 Stem Connection Rear connection, 9″ stem length, -50/50 C range

Cross Controls Inc. provides order for Kitz 19 1″ CL300 Bronze FIP MS SW Check valve and Red & White 360, 1/2″ CL300, Bronze, FIP MS SW Check Valve

Cross Controls Inc. provides Flo-tite 4″ 200/300 Series Repair kit TFM seats, seals and balls