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FULFLO Hydraulic Bypass Relief Valves


FULFLO expresses the basic principle that the relief valve must have flow capacity equal to that of the pipe lines to which it is connected. The sliding piston concept and internal design contours of FULFLO valves provide unique flow and stability characteristic for reliable performance without chatter.

FULFLO valves are designed to operate reliability at pressures as low as 2 PSI and as high as 1000 PSI. The FULFLO valve reduces velocities through all but the controlling interface of the valve thereby minimizing system power loss.

FULFLO guided valves are less responsive to transient pressure surges thereby eliminating the tendency to pound, squel or chatter. Quiet, stable, efficient performance is assured in both load regulation and system protection applications.

FULFLO valves operate effectively with all types of liquids in the full range of viscosities including hydraulic oils, water, solvents and chemicals.

FULFLO valves are not designed to be positive shut-off, and will pass a minimal amount of leakage before the set pressure.

FULFLO valves are not designed for use with air, gas or steam.




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