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Glastic Channels, Glasrod Solid Rod/Bar, Sheet Laminate, Special Sleeving Tubing, Topsticks


Rochling Glastic UTR is one of the Glastic laminates and offers a superior combination of elctrical and mechanical properties. Made from fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester resins, these UL recognized sheets blend excellent performance charactreristics with economy.

UTR is UL rated V-O and isa halogen free system that generates very low smoke toxicity in a fire situation.

High impact fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminates wont’s shatter. Rigid laminates provide structural support as they insulate. Flexible laminates are available for applications that require a minimum bend radius of 19 mm diameter.

Glastic laminates offer excellent property retention and dimension stability at elevated temperatures. Thes laminates have UL temperature index ratings from 120-210 C electrical, and 130-210 C mechanical.

Colour: White/Red



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